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i have a 93 dr 650 when i removed the original death wings [ dunlop trailwing ] i replaced them with a knobby tire but found with highway use and the over all size of the bike they just did not last so i went to a avon gripster and loved them till the day they wore out i now use the avon distanzia and allthough a mostly street oriented tire they work very well for all my for any type of mechanical problems i can honestly say you have youre self a great bike . i have had mine since 93 rebuilt the top end 1 time and had to rebuild the entire motor 1 time not because of parts failure but my own stupidity [ rock thru crank case] i now have a 91 bash plate on the bike aswell as the same acerbis tank as you saw earlier 6.6 gallons you never run out i have progressive front springs . progressive rear shock . supertrapp exhaust. acerbis hand gaurds as for the engine weisco piston, and performance cam, dyno jet kit .i must say this baby hauls most of my riding is adventure touring WERE THE ROAD NEVER ENDS .
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