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Originally Posted by YetiGS
I installed my Twalcom foglights today. Overall, I am very impressed and highly recommend them. The lights themselves are Hella DE's (i.e. quality) and the mounts, light bar and kit are top notch.

I had two minor gripes: 1) the switch mount just wouldn't fit. I ended up cutting it and trimming it to fit. Not a big deal. 2) the instructions were in Italian and the pictures weren't the best. Again, no big deal. The Hella instructions were in the kit and they were in English and I also downloaded Touratech's instructions for their similar (but more expensive) kit.


So far, I give the lights (and F800 Depot)
Thanks Scott, appreciate the praise.

Just to follow up here, and from our email exchanges, Twalcom is now in the process of producing English language instructions for all products, including these lights. (in fact, I have a English PDF for these now) They just started selling into North America in June, and we were their first English language market. I'm actually reviewing the instructions for each product with them to ensure we don't have any Engrish. :)

The bracket has also been updated for future shipments based on your feedback.
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