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Alan's advice was right. I ended up pulling these bearings out today, and there is not one bearing, but 2 x 6005-2NSE9 side by side.
Strange hey.
Anyway - do what AL said, and pull the bearings before purchasing!

Thanks to all.

Originally Posted by Oldfatbeerman
I would advise anyone with a late model 640 ADV to pull out this bearing before buying a replacement , I found mine had two bearings the same as the wheel bearings side by side in where the parts manual says one wide bearing. I had already purchased the bearing from my local bearing supplier and when compared , the single bearing was about 10 mm narrower than the two side by side bearings so I imagine the spacer for aligning the wheel is also a different size to get the wheel in position correctly. I didn't fuss about it , I just got two new bearings the same as the two I removed put in.

Cheers Alan
Originally Posted by DANNOj
I think its time to replace the rear sprocket carrier bearing. It has been "notchy" for the last 10,000km. 22k on the bike now, and its never been done. I'd at least like to source the bearing, and have it.

I have found these via the 640 thread index:

From looking at the parts manual, and searaching Boltons, I take it I need only one unit?

0625032057 AE GR. BALL BEARING 3205B-2RSR


WTF ?!? $188 for a KTM!! Stenhouse at $42US..... does this mean I can probably also source non-gen locally from local bearing shop??

What do I ask for? 3205B-2RSR ?

Thanks in advance.
2006 640ADV

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