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Originally Posted by creeper
About 6 months ago I heard about a anti-fog mask that attached to the inside of the helmet... no squirt and rub chemicals required.
I was... "skeptical".

Got home this evening and found the Jan. issue of Motorcyclist in the mail, and as usual, did a quick thumb through... low and behold, they had tested one and determined that it all but eliminated shield foging. The staff gave it a rating of 5 'H'... what ever the hell that means.

I'm always looking for "something better" in this area... the best rub-on product I've found to date is the FogTech wipes.
One application and they last for several days in the funkiest weather Washington has to offer, but as with most chemicals, there is a degree of distortion and on-comming light flairing.
As it turns out, the mask is now being imported into the US by Street & Competition... so I ordered one. For $16 bucks... what the hell.

Anyway... the Respro Foggy Mask is available in assorted colors from:

Cool idea - just ordered one

I'm curious to see how thick it is & weather or not it'll work with a pair of goggles & the Arai XD in dirt-mode for cold-weather offroad stuff - not for anti-fog, but keeping your nose from freezing...

Regardless, it'll be nice to keep the shield down in the rain...
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