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Originally Posted by inte
Cool idea - just ordered one

I'm curious to see how thick it is & weather or not it'll work with a pair of goggles & the Arai XD in dirt-mode for cold-weather offroad stuff - not for anti-fog, but keeping your nose from freezing...

Regardless, it'll be nice to keep the shield down in the rain...
Same deal inte... but not real concerned about goggles. I don't really have any major dust issues, but how it will fit in an XD, reduce/eliminate fogging and keeping my chin warm are biggies.

I wear an MSR "masque" to keep the chin/mouth/nose from freezing over right now (something you may want to look at if the Respro doesn't do it for you), and FogTech on the shield... but off-road, the FogTech really is a dust magnet.

They don't make a FogCity for the XD shield. The FogCity for the Simpson Bandit actually fits an XD pretty good, but... the extreme curvature of the XD shield and FogCity combined make for some really serious distortion issues, so I don't recommend it.

Taker easy inte...

So... how's tricks?
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