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Originally Posted by creeper
Same deal inte... but not real concerned about goggles. I don't really have any major dust issues, but how it will fit in an XD, reduce/eliminate fogging and keeping my chin warm are biggies.

I wear an MSR "masque" to keep the chin/mouth/nose from freezing over right now (something you may want to look at if the Respro doesn't do it for you), and FogTech on the shield... but off-road, the FogTech really is a dust magnet.

They don't make a FogCity for the XD shield. The FogCity for the Simpson Bandit actually fits an XD pretty good, but... the extreme curvature of the XD shield and FogCity combined make for some really serious distortion issues, so I don't recommend it.

Taker easy inte...

I've got a thin balaclava I use, but this Respro thing seems like it would be a lot less hassle to deal with for use on a daily basis - I'm sure the balaclava I use would fit right under thing thing for a little extra warmth - it's really thin.

One of the guys I was taking photos of in Baja had a deal that looked similar - a deal that covered his nose & mouth, but was used with goggles - and it wasn't the racer-type hard plastic nose protector ... have to track that guy down & find out what that thing was. Either way I'll probably end up trying this thing in the dirt, just to see ... I'm probably a worse dust collector than any accessory could be ...

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