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How'd that happen?
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Thought I'd share for those looking for an option:

True to popular complaint I found the seat on my new bike less than satifactory. I needed a little different contour and to get rid of the cheap looking, sandpaperesque material. After considering the options on an off-the-shelf seat replacement, I decided to look around for an alternative. I went to Denver Upholstery,, and worked with the great guys there. They had me sit on the bike, then chalked out some contour lines took it into the shop to go to work. After some shaping they re-fitted the old cover and had me test it out by riding around a bit. I'd come back and after providing some feed back they'd work it a bit more. We did this three times. When we thought we had it right, they recommended that I ride the bike for a while, take it home, out for several hours, whatever and when I was certain it was right to bring it back for the new cover. I did ride for a bit and brought it back the next day. Here are the results:

Out the door: $150

The quality and craftsmanship are top notch. They'll use whatever material you want, but I chose their recommended motorcycle / snowmobile cover. So far, I'm very happy with the price, look, feel and ride.

(No I'm not affiliated with Denver Upholstery, just a satisfied customer)

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