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This one's for mutineer. Anyway, this is where my adventure riding started, with a 76 XT500 I picked up for $250 in August of 02. Me and this old bike got to be very good friends, and we went everywhere together. It opened up my eyes to how the other half lived (I was a squidboy until then) and showed me the other 95% of the world.

This is very shortly after I got it, I was out and about in the oilfields. Such a cool bike.

This was right after I dumped it on the side of a hill. You really can't tell except for the rumpled license plate. It was at this time I decided adventure bikes were cool. My KTM wears that exact plate today.

So I decided I wanted a bigger tank, and it was orange and no way to paint it, so I painted the rest of the bike to match, and got some new plastic fenders.

Seat cover courtesy of my mom.

My XT will forever be referred to as 'Old Skool'

Lessons learned: #1. Don't sell classic bikes. Oh well. #2. On classic bikes, stock is trick! Leave em alone!

Anyway, this grand old lady was my introduction to a larger world, and I'm a better person because of her.
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