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Originally Posted by ktmnate
I recently did the "Flanny" carb fix which fixed everything except the top speed. My bike runs great starts right up but won't go over 85mph. Yea, yea, I know it's a dirt bike and shouldn't be going that fast. But it did before I tinkered with the carb. Here is what I have:

Drilled out the exhaust with 12 plates
carb needle moved down one position (raising needle)
162.5 main (I also tried 152.5 and 157.5)
2.5 coils cut off the slide spring
drilled out the slide
KTM hard parts air box cover
1.1 air jet

I have checked the slide and everything looks like it's working. The slide goes up and down without any binding. I checked the carb vent and breather. Looking at the parts diagram, I am missing a "throttle stop". If I remember correctly, the throttle stop just keeps the power down by keeping the slide from comming all the way up. Would anyone have any sugestions/Ideas. I am at a loss.

Put your IMO back to 21"

ok, just kidding, might want to state what you drilled the slide holes out to - creeper said that more is not better () they thought that .110" was groovy, maybe a bit more. Also, you should state how many miles and any other info that might be relevant (you are a leadwrist, streetlight dragracer, never change the oil, 50,000 miles on the clock - stuff like that).

My 03 shows over 85 and that speed is fine with me on the street; haven't tried those speeds off road . Staying at those speeds might have other consequences... If Jerome is right, keeping the revs above 6K for extended periods is what puts your valves out of spec (he said that he didnt see them vary unless he had done lots of speed runs ).
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