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Originally Posted by ktmnate
the bike just broke 15k with 17/42 gears. I drilled the slide out to 1/8". wasn't really that much bigger than they were. I do change the oil frequently between 500 and 3000 miles depending on what kind of riding. Valves were adjusted 1500 miles ago and weren't that really off. I do all kinds of riding. I don't usually ride over 75mph, I was just passing someone and noticed that my little girl didn't want to go.

PS -I am using the GPS for speed reading, not the IMO. I find that the IMO isn't very accurate regardless of wheel size setting.
That should do it. The .125" drilling was the top end of the suggestions so its probably fine. I don't know the gearing changes but I guess you would know if those are geared too low for top speed...

The IMO crack was from a thread a bit back when there was a "Taste's Great/Less Filling" debate about 19" vs. 21" - the 19" gives better speed estimates while the 21" gives better odometer estimates. Something about EU rules requiring the speedo to read lower - which makes no sense to me (if everyone knows what's the point? )
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