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Originally Posted by ktmnate
I'm gona finish playing with it on Saturday. I decided to go snow skiing tommorow. I will keep you updated.

You should experiment with the main jet. For top speed and WFO, that is the circuit in question. By definition, the right main jet is the one that gets you the best speed for a given section of road....

You are probably too rich on the main jet. I think with my stock exhaust, I never needed more than 157.5 at sea level on the BST40. So, go back and re-try the 157.5 as a starting point, and then try each interval of 2.5 until you get to 165. (my guess is that a 160 is probably the one you need for best top speed).

Another approach would be to put 3 disks back in to your exhaust to lean out your mixture, essentially "simulating" a move toward a 160 MJ...that will give you an idea of which way your jetting needs to go. If adding three disks back in to your exhaust improves top speed, then you were too rich...

Good luck...remember jetting is pretty much always a work in progress....and you just have to keep trying different jects until you get it right.
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