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I was also a grateful recipient of some Flanny tuning material/wisdom for my wife's 640 Adv (now referred to as "the other man").

It is for this type of Creeper & Flannyesque (no nefarious insinuations there y'all) assistance and idea-sharing that AdvRider really shows it's value.

(soapbox start) Far too often we (myself included - bad RDF ) members allow ourselves get tempted into ego-laden (and !@#$ lengthy) hissy-fits on 'bestbikeitis', personal spats, bloody TV programs, etc. -- instead of helping riders navigate crappy repair manuals, lousy dealers, legions of mechanics with conflicting 'expert' opinions, manufacturers who blissfully choose to ignore problems with their bikes, simple head-scratching and the ever-infuriating, hide the firearms, "!@#$, WTF do I do now..?!" problems (end of soapbox)
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