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Alright.... so what does Acerbis make its tanks out of... PA, PC, PE... what?

MTBE - mentioned - thought that was a flame retardant used in furniture:

" HPN Tanks made by Acerbis : 43 liters (11.3 gal.), in white, red, blue, black or transparent for 735 to 998 DM and 148 DM for installation kit. Made of non-paintable material ("Philipps CL 50"), so you have to stick with these colors here. The HPN tank is also available in a Nylon-material (paintable), for 1048 DM plus the installation kit. These tanks have a fill sleeve that stucks out of the tank, so mounting a tank bag may be more difficult as usual (Same as with R 100 GS PD). You cannot check the oil level with tank on the bike. It only takes about 2 minutes to get the tank off. "

another with same info as above:

- Hmmm, nylon - that does sound right for what you see under the paint - does that sound right?
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