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i just did the same

nice move brother. I am in the same boat. I went and bought myself an 80 r100rt (sans fairings) to replace my kawasaki vulcan (vn750 - very similar to a shadow) for my daily commuter. I've only been at it for about 2 weeks- and i sold the kawk, so no going back.

so far:

Much more comfortable - no longer is all the pressure of the ride on my ass.
Much better at lane splitting- happily blows by and handles through traffic.
brakes SUCK! 3 times now its been a good thing that i always aim between cars-- because otherwise i would have slammed right into the back on one ( SFbay area traffic is second only to LA). and i have dual front brakes and a disk in the back.

for a heavy bike with a decent power band-- the brakes, no matter what people say, are inadequate for modern traffic at speed.

I say this also owning a ducati sport, with floating cast brakes etc etc-- once you ride a bike with brakes that actually work-- you realize how terrible the bmw brakes really are.

Im on a mission to upgrade my r100 - doing research now, but once i arrive at a plan i will keep you posted.
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