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Day 1: June 24th, 2009

Obviously, we were very excited to be taking such an epic trip.
I had been thinking about the TAT for about four years, and had read every related Ride Report here on ADV and other sites.
I'd been PM-ing many of the folks who had ridden it before, and had met some of them, including Dr. Rock and LDF, and talked to them at lenght about their experiences.
I felt I knew all there was to know about the "Trail" - but there was a lot I never expected. As Vinnie the Snake says, "The TAT takes a lot, but it also gives a lot."

So in the morning of June 24th at 8:30am we were kickstands up and wheels rolling towards Tennessee.
Here we are all clean and eager to get going.

Leaving "Home".

Crossing familliar landmarks.

I had plotted a nice scenic route down to North Carolina so Motoadventuregal could see her Mom. The route took us along small secondary roads down towards the Delaware Water Gap and down agricultural valleys to Harrisburg PA where we had scored some tent space from Dziner. (I had used a combination of Mapsource and Google Earth Satelite imaging to find the rustic and rural routes.)

The countryside was full of farmland and the ride was very relaxing.

Along our route we entered the Poconos, and Bear Rock State Park.
Here's a picture of the big lodge at the base of the mountain.

We took the ride up to the top of the mountain and saw the viewing tower.

And the Panorama from the top.

Later, headed to the Delaware Water Gap, we came to our first of many, "Road Closed, or "Bridge Out" signs.

But a quick re-route got us back on track.

Finally we got to the New Jersey side of the Water Gap, and had miles of unspoiled scenic riding as we headed south towards Harrisburg.

We did have one mini-Adventure as Motoadventuregal ran out of gas. No problem since I was carring a small MSR Fuel bottle in 'reserve'. We had her up and running again in no time, and were able to continue without any major delays.
By 3:00pm we were getting tired so we stopped here to get some Fuel and Energy. A bit to eat and 1/2 a Red Bull each we were ready to press on.

Along the way we saw a tank. (I LOVE military hardware, so I stopped to take some pictures. Keep reading this Ride Report and you will see more cool hardware like this, including missiles, and Civil War "Iron Clad" boats. )

As we continued to ride South it started to get dark. Remember we were riding little dirt bikes with a top speed of about 50 MPH, so it took us a while to get anywhere, but we were traveling at just the right speed to relax and take it all in. Our average moving speed tended to be less than 40 MPH, so the days did get long.

Finally, around 5:00pm we entered the city of Harrisburg.

and found the back yard of Dziner, out host for the night...

Stats for the day:
Total miles 289. Moving Average 38.7
Moving Time 7:27 Stopped 2:45
Total 10:13

Stay tuned. Only 90+ more days to go...

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