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Hey The Salt River Fire Dept Is hiring a Reservation Dept but its right next to Scottsdale and Mesa THey pay well and have good equipment it would get you out west u can change dept. later if u like
Originally Posted by Phædrus
Hello Wests neworkers!

Just putting a line out here in case there is anyone on here with good info on a firefighting gig, specifically wildland firefighting.

I am 23, unattached, living in Florida, looking to relocate and the southwest is where I have wanted to go since I visited NM when I was 16. Now that I've gotten into dualsport riding there's nowhere else I'd rather spend my free time exploring.

I know you folks in CA have different fire standards, so not really looking for a job there, but AZ, NM, NV, CO an UT are my first through 5th choices, in that order.

Thanks in advance for any pm's or emails!
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