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And I'm out of the campground before anyone's around.

Shhhh... Stealth...

Ontario rolls on

And on

And on

I have to adopt the ridiculous KLR racing tuck for a break from the wind noise on these long straights. But only when nobody is looking...

KLR650. Aerodynamic like a moose

I'm here to meet Rick, and after a bit of small-town detective work, find an address,food and a good sleep.

Rick drops a line in the morning, no bites though.

I do my thing too

Rick also rides a KLR. It dosen't take much convincing to get me up in his other ride though

About the size of an Austin Mini once you're in

Rick is the same flying his plane as he is in his boat. Totally natural, in control. No big deal.

He's been flying since he was kid. Rick tells me his dad would pass over the controls, and say "Keep on this heading!". Time would pass and he'd hear his dad snoring, fast asleep!

A long train loading up in Chapleau

Rick passes over the controls.

And after a tense moment, I relax and get the feel for it.

Whohoo! All that time playing Flight Simulator paid off

Much of northern Ontario is like a sponge

Rick spots another plane, and radios to see if he wants some air-to-air photos

I'm gonna need a longer lens, we can't fly much closer!

Rick buzzes his neighbours house on the final aproach. Man, the gravity in a small plane is disorienting when you're not used to it!

Leveling out and slowing down.

He dosen't need much room to land, just drops it, right next to his house.

Touchdown, super smooth.

and Rick fills in the logbook for the day.

Thanks Rick, that meant a lot for me to get up in a plane like that

My GPS top-speed now reads 240kmh, pretty good for a KLR.

My headset nut is finger-tight. It was banging around all afternoon yesterday. We fix that the old-fashioned way, with a hammer.

Gotta love the real Finnish sauna too

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