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This was just a quick mid-week romp up Mt Evans, had to sneak a ride in before the snow flew.

Once the Conti Trail Attacks, which by the way are awesome and stick really well even in cold conditions, are done I plan on giving the Michelin Pilot Road-2s a shot.

The wheels seem to work better on the SE than on the ADV. Not sure why. Most likely it's the better suspension, more aggressive riding position and the lighter weight up front. The bike seems more flick-able.

I love how the bike feels and handles. It's eve better than my old DRZ400 Super Moto w/ 17 all around.

PS: Remember it's Aprilia CapoNord, not Caponard, which in Italian means North Cape, the most norther point in Europe. For the Europeans it's the equivalent of Ushuaia, the souther tip of the American continent.
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