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slow leaks on rim

Originally Posted by Chuckracer
I wish I had silver rims...

Next time I'm going with CapoNord (thanks Y.P.!!) rims, too. Mine were supposed to be worked for a while but there are tubes in both ends now. I was tired of the slow leaks.

I don't think the spoke sealing is the problem...I think the rims are the problem. I don't think the beads seal right.

i believe you are on to something,,,the more recent group of Excel rims are different in the sense that the weld area is no longer machined as accurately as in the old days,,,PLUS they have a much more aggresive serrated sidewall on the outer flange when testing for leaks it does not show up,,,,but over alonger period of time we have noticed that this occurs occasionally,,,we have detuned the serrations,put a thin film of silicone around the outer bead and machine off allt he anomolies in the weld area,,,that has seemed to work in recent time...w
Also...Woody, I spoke earlier (in the other thread) about my front wheel needing truing...turns out it's fine, it was an out of round tire. That'll do it!
i'm not surprized,,,this scenario has played out more often than not,,,i'm confident that the durability of the truing /Superlacing process has withstood the test of time as well as pounding you guys give them,,w

PS,,if i find a buyer for your wheels ,,i'll let you know,,,,OBTW,,,i too agree,,,silver would look better IMHO,,woody
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