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Originally Posted by PPiA
Jenny, looks good.
A couple of things that would give me some concern are the unprotected radiator, and the size of the airfilter.
Not sure how dusty the H-L gets, but I'd suggest some sort of prefilter or sock if it's possible to fit.
Hi PPiA - don't worry, the rad is having a stone guard fitted - it's just not arrived from the lazer-cutters yet!

As for the airfilter - that is the eternal question... the AUS spec bikes come with a factory foam air-filter instead of the dry paper drum type fitted to Euro bikes...

The filter I'm running is the DNA oil-impregnated type (like a K&N) which should be better at trapping fine particles than the stock paper filter... that said, most filters end up passing the very fine dust through (I'll be cleaning/changing them each day as part of the service) and what we did on the Tuareg Rally last year was coat the inside of the airbox with grease which helped to trap any airborne fine stuff - messy to clean out, but it worked.

I have got a fine mesh to go over the airbox opening (complete with lazer cut aluminium ring to secure it, when it also arrives) - however, the mesh is courser than the filter element anyway, so if the dust is fine enough to pass through the filter, it will certainly pass through the mesh too?

I'm still waiting to see if I can get hold of a foam alternative here in Europe, otherwise I will either stump up for the o/e foam filters all the way from Australia (I can't get them here yet?!) or else go with the oil/grease trick in the airbox and keep my finders crossed...

J x
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