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Originally Posted by Axel White
Where did you get those cool handwarmers on your GS?
I got them from advrider "dank", they're called toast muffs or hippohands. Here's the thread where I learned about them:

They're a really nice product. I put them on in the rain, or if the temperature drops down below 40F. With the toast muffs + heated grips, I can wear my summer gloves year round and keep my hands warm and dry, regardless of the ambient temperature or precipitation. IMO, they're a much better solution than electric gloves or big thick "winter" gloves.

The only time I find them akward is when manipulating the bike while OFF of the bike. Say, taking the bike off its sidestand while on an incline and/or on gravel, standing beside the bike, etc. Sometimes the extreme angles my wrists make while doing such a procedure can cause the toast-muffs to honk the horn. Other than that minor problem, they're great.
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