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Leaving Lakeview,

Sam does his typical meandering around so as to include a half mile of dirt and avoid a half mile of pavement... unfortunately, since the TAT was laid out, some of these roads have been closed, and are now on private land. We had our first turn-around near a sawmill:

(Wish we had smell-o-vision technology NOW)

and when we found what we thought was the correct road here: N42 12.778 W120 21.919, LDF started to wick it up... for her .

I held back to stay out of her dust, and as I passed some houses, a landowner was running towards me waving his arms. I was a little ways past him by the time I ground to a stop, and he had started running back towards his ATV, apparently intending to chase me down.

I waited for him to run back to me, and I could see he was yelling. When he had slowed down a little, I held up my hand, and indicated that I couldn't hear him, and fumbled with my iPod.

"This is a private road, you guys come HOT-RODDING through here... people live here... we've had cats and dogs hit and killed.... there's a gate down there... didn't you see the sign???"

It didn't seem like he was going to kill me, so I let him go on for a bit. Go on, let it all out... get it off your chest, and then we can have a conversation.

Which we did. I apologized for that crazy woman's "hot-rodding". I told him I didn't think anyone had ever described her riding as hot-rodding, and laughed. He asked how where we were riding, (to the Pacific Ocean at Port Orford) and where we were from (New York City), and how we had come to choose this road (TAT, etc.) and honestly tried my best to be a good representative of the moto/ADV/Tat community. Eventually he calmed down and told me there was room to squeeze a bike around the left side of the gate, and I promised him I would post the exact location of what road NOT to take, and encourage other TAT riders to stay on Hwy 395 north out of Lakeview and then to turn left onto County Rd. 216 here: N42 16.861 W120 21.122 and bypass a mile or so of dirt road.

He flagged me down here: N42 15.919 W120 24.229 and the gate is here: N42 16.397 W120 24.318

Mission accomplished.
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