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Thanks, I have been wanting a more convienient way to get parts. Boxers by bruce and Perry's are both open pretty much when I am at work.

Ok, I pulled the front cover. I hadn't got the cam seal yet, but I figured I would see what the chain looked like since the timing has been doubled. Hair dryer worked great for heating up the cover. I was going to put a little torch to it, but like avoiding open flames when possible. Heated it up for a minute, bumped it at the top and off it came.

Now, how to tell if the chain or tensioner is bad. Surely there will be some kind of tension spec, deflection of chain spec, Something in the Clymer manual, right?

Nope, and don't call me Shirley.

So, How tight should it be? The tensioner is just one big flat spring on the left side of the engine (left while sitting on bike) with a guide on the end of it. There is no fixed guide or coil spring like the later models. It does not seem to have very much tension at all. I can move the guide off the chain with my pinky. I guess there would not be much more effort at this point to replace the chain and tensioner, just the cost of parts, but I would hate to replace, just too replace. It wasn't that hard to get the motor down to this point.
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