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Day 2 cont'd

Day 2 continued
We headed out of the park on 67 and gassed up at the store just north of the park…….from there we continued north on a few nf roads with views of the flatlands/Canyon to the east……

The nf roads eventually intersected the “Kane Trail”…….I’d seen the Kane trail on Map Source/Google Earth and wanted to explore it to see if it was a viable way to get over to Buffalo Ranch road and a couple of scenic viewpoints/waypoints I’d set over there in my planning file……

It started out tame enough…..

Then it narrowed…..then basically disappeared into a rock field and started to drop off pretty steeply…….you had to keep an eye out for rock cairns that marked a way down through the rock field

Here’s a photo looking back up the hill (steeper than it looks)

I sent Roger forward to scout out the trail because I was about to reach the point of no return on the 620…….if I went down much further it was going to be a real bitch to climb back out…….he made his way down and radioed back something like, “come on down, it’s doable”…….so I proceeded down…….a few minutes later he came back on and said something like, “hmmmm…….you may not like this last part”…..too late now, I was committed…….basically you head down through the rock field to a dead end/bluff

Once you reach the dead end you really only have two options……turn around or hang a hard left and drop down a steep/~100 yd long section to the flats below as marked by the rock cairn in the below picture

Look just to the right of the evergreen tree behind my bike in this photo and you'll see the large rocks up top marking the dead end…’s steeper/looser (knarlier) than it appears in this photo…….eventually we got both bikes down…..

Can you find Roger hiking back up in this photo?

Once we got down to the flats we made our way along a fence line which eventually ended and allowed us to get on Buffalo Ranch Road

We quickly turned off of Buffalo Ranch Rd. onto a little used two track road I'd mapped out.....banged the throttles and headed out for the Canyon across the flat plain…….

Unfortunately I spaced out on one left turn here and forgot to make a right and head over to the first viewpoint/waypoint………but we did find my second viewpoint/waypoint a bit further north…...The first viewpoint/waypoint we skipped will be in the .gpx file that I'll be posting.....

More awesome views seen/experienced by few……nice

At this point we also discovered Roger was missing a bolt holding his subframe to the main frame…….we only had ~10 miles to ride so we opted to deal with it when we reached Vermillion Cliffs......

The sun was nearly down as we headed for our night two lodging destination, Vermillion Cliffs Lodge…….but wait…….I wound up with a front pinch flat less than a quarter mile from the lookout……needed to knock this out quickly before the sun set…..time to stack some rocks and heave-ho the 620 into position

All fixed up and daylight fading fast…..

Chris Crawford (Crawford + 4 kids = Crawdaddy )

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