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Day 5 - The final day of our 5 day / 1200 mile GC LOOP

Day 5

After a sleepless night at the Lodge (Did I mention the train track behind the motel???……horns honking all night long) we had a complementary/hot breakfast and headed over to Truxton for gas……I’m sure there’s a better way to get from Truxton to Buck and Doe Road but we simply back tracked on Route 66 for ~5 miles then jumped on Buck and Doe Road heading NW.…….Buck and Doe is a main dirt road and you see several side ranch roads that peel off and return to Buck and Doe when looking at the Roads and Rec mapset…….we were pulled over on Buck and Doe examining our options when a different Hualapai Ranger (Reggie) pulled up with lights flashing……”Do you have a permit?”……..”Yep, picked up a sightseeing permit yesterday when we rode down to the river and we told her we’d be riding Buck and Doe today”………”we don’t allow bikes on the reservation roads”…….”Reggie, look at our bikes…..we can handle the road conditions”……Reggie called in our permit number from the day before and gave us the green light to continue on to Grand Canyon West Airport at the end of Buck and Doe Rd.........however, the consent was limited.......he said we must stay on Buck and Doe…….no fire/ranch road side trips because we were told that was all private property and our pass was only good for the main rd.........hmmmm, I thought our pass was good for all roads on the reservation but ok……disappointing, but we accepted our fate and moved on……we got Reggie to snap our picture.....

(we had planned on taking a picture WITH Reggie but another ranger pulled up and we decided to not even ask if he’d care to join us in a photo…….we just moved on)

We rode a bit further up the road and my front end got REALLY loose……aw crap, not AGAIN!!!.......luckily the road was strewn with rocks so we made a little ramp and I rode the 620 up into place to change out the front tube again….

Hmmmmmm, valve stem ripped out of the tube…….guess I’d better put a rim lock on my front wheel

After a quick change we were on our way again…….

We spread out so we could both maintain a right side position on the road in case we came upon oncoming traffic or blind corners……..the dust wasn’t an issue since we were riding a half mile apart from one another…….nice to have radio comm system......

Eventually we reached a point where we could see the Grand Canyon/Airport in the distance……

Once we arrived at the airport we were told only buses are allowed to transport visitors out to the Grand Canyon Skywalk: ……We had neither the time, $, or interest…..Roger snapped a couple of pictures, we hung a U-Turn, and headed west….

Helicopters at Grand Canyon West Airport:

We followed my planning track towards the Triangle gas stop on US93N via series of paved, dirt, sand roads/washes that I’d thrown together…….I was pleasantly surprised with the tracks I’d drawn for the most part…..though I did take us through a few stretches of sand wash that were a bit deep/challenging at times

A few assorted pictures on our way down to Triangle:

Lake Mead in the distance:

I dont think this guy make it to the lake

The final push to Triangle

We fueled up in Triangle then headed into Vegas via US93/Hoover Dam

They’re building a new/high bridge to the south of the dam to alleviate traffic/weight on the dam

Self timer shot:

MADE IT – VIVA LAS VEGAS!!! (notice the newly married couple standing behind me and in front of the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign)



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