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The roads around the lakes are great fun to ride.

Arrive at the last of the Five Lakes. Motosu Lake.
This is the deepest lake. I love the blue water color of this lake on a sunny day.

View No. 13 Fuji Through Motosu Lake Reeds

View No. 14 Varadero At Motosu Lake

View No. 15 The Lake Motosu Shoreline
(To make records with a mobile we didn't have much time)

View No.16 The Errant Bungy Cord

View No. 17. The Five Thousand Yen Bill

I am standing on the spot where the picture was painted for the old five thousand yen bill.

The note was suspended on April 2nd 2007 when a new design was introduced. Shame, I liked this bank note.
The obverse showed a picture of Nitobe Inazo a politician during the Meiji Period.

View No.18 Space Trucking

View No. 19 Layer Cake

Right, that's a wrap with the Five Lakes. The Five Lakes is a really good ride. Easy to do day trip from Tokyo. if you ever find yourself in the Tokyo area with a free day, rent a bike and ride the Five Lakes.

Now let's head a little closer to the mountain.

View No. 23. Somewhere North of Motosu

View No. 24 Same As View No.23 (but different)

View No. 25 High Plains Drifter

View No. 26 Aye Aye

View No. 28 Skate Punx

Ah, dude. I am totally bringing my board for this road.
Someone gotta hit this road up on a skateboard, might as well be me .
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