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I guess that has been part of my confusion. I have gotten both ends of the spectrum talking to people about how much overlap I should be worried about. First I was told 1/4 inch split between S's was too much at idle. This was also stated in the completely useless Clymer manual. The shop told me not to worry unless I got over 1/4 inch overlap of the dot at full advance. I am at 1/4 at full advance. If I am worrying about nothing, I am fine with that. I am starting to think there is a lot of issues with this bike for it to have that little of mileage on it, but much of it also can be explained by sitting so long and then being used by the last owner for a while after doing little to no maintainance on the bike.
I think I worry most about the lack of tension on the chain since it seems like I could blow hard enough to push the tensioner off of the chain, but again this may be normal. It is always a fun feeling to spend money on parts to get new ones that act exactly like the old ones you pulled off. I guess that is how you get experience.
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