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That's a helluva find.. the bike looks like it just came out of the box. Tell us the story behind how you found it.

There are things I still like about the W better than the new Bonnies (and I'm a multi-Bonnie owner), but (to me) the Bonnies simply have more power (not that 60 hp is a lot of power). Kaw did a great job building the bike, but they did a lousy job marketing it. I understand it's still produced and sold overseas.

Many years ago I saw a W where the cam cover at the top of the bevel drive tube had been replaced by a clear piece molded in the same shape as the stock cover. The owner started the bike for me, and it was really cool watching the bevel drive work the camshaft.

Back in the day when I was seriously contemplating buying a W I bought a genuine Japanese W650 sales brochure off fleabay. It's actually a very classy piece of multi fold-out page sales literature, written in Japanese that includes a photo of a '01 silver/blue W. If you're interested in collecting W memorabilia to go along with the bike, I'll be glad to pass it your way for a few bucks, since it doesn't appear that I'm going to be latching onto a W any time soon.

Congrats on a great bike, and a great find. Please don't bob/chop/mod it too much.. they're fine just like they are, and I have no doubt they'll become more collectible as the years go by.
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