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Originally Posted by HWSNBN
Man, I came close to pulling mine and measuring them just in case I wanted to put another set together someday. I sold'em off instead, didn't like them at all and said to myself this is one of those lessons that look good on paper but don't do it in the real world. Tubes and Excels for me if I were to do it again. Not likely though, 21/18 is the way to go IMHO for this bike. If I wanted a BMW I'd buy one... and the bright yellow landfill vest to go with it!:

That said, Buchanan's makes the spokes. They'll likely know the specs. They're swagged and 7 gauge I think. Doing it again, It'd be best to build them using the Aprilia nipples rather than standard so I'd maybe drop them to fit the smaller gauge threads. These X rims need that locking grub screw badly to stay in true. Otherwise they tend to be only exceptionally heavy bling-bling road wheels that'll pretzel in the dirt.
Damn...I knew I offered too much for your wheels.... ....

The 19/17s have their place...and that place is next to a set of 21/18s as well...

I put the caponards on for 100% street use to haul the wife around...would never dream of taking them off road....on the street they are extremely confidence inspiring....It was only a few minutes of riding before my boots were scraping the ground in the turns.... ...

When the bike goes for an ADV ride...the big hoops will be on in less than 15 minutes....
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