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Trials and Tribulations in the Mojave

A friend of mine invited me to check out a trials riding competition near Ridgecrest. The event was put on by Socal Trials Association. I've always been interested in Trials and I've never seen it so I decided to check it out.

I left the house just before sunrise, and hit the slab. It was pretty chilly at o' dark thirty, so I decided to throw on my heated liner and gloves. Glad I did because it got foggy and damned atop the pass by Soledad Canyon. Up til then just having the liner is was enough, but I decided to turn it on.

Of course I haven't tested the install on the husky yet and my controller was having a fit and not working I'm almost 100% sure it was about approximately no degrees Fahrenheit. I eventually had to plug in the jacket directly.

About 2 miles N. of Mojave, I'd had enough slab and hit the dirt. I tried to get close to the airport for some pics but no dice.

It's amazing what you can find in the desert, anybody lookin for a straight six? No tracks, 50' from the road, it's like it fell from the sky

I ran along train track for a while, and then got dumped into a sandy dry riverbed. I decided that I need to practice my sand skillz before I go back to Baja again this December. Yep I still need Practice alright!

I took the opportunity to take off my liner jacket and to air down the tires. Pretty amazing how quickly the temp changes in the desert. The crash was almost surely caused by too much pressure! Yeah that's the ticket. Right after I let the pressure out of the tires I started thinking about my brand new pump, that I left at home.

My problem with deep sand is that when I get going a reasonable speed where I feel comfortable in the sand, the turns come up quicker than I can think and I don't have the confidence in my turning ability to try the sharp corners at such high speed, and basically I get mentally overloaded. Maybe I'm just dumber than sand

Conveniently, this time I wiped out on the right side so I noticed the damage done in the first crash.

After a while I got tired of "practicing" and picked up a dirt road. After a bit the Road ended and I was in the Playa for a while. Then the Playa ended and I Followed a couple tracks through a dilapidated old fence, next thing I know I'm in somebody's back yard. I wanted to get the heck out of there because the place looked suspiciously meth lab like...
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trials and tribulations in the Mojave
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