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I had decided the place was abandoned when a little old lady came out of a tiny trailer and hollered that I was on private property. I rode over to her and apologized for disturbing her and explained I came for the "other" way. I pointed at it and said "this dang GPS said this was a road to Ridgecrest" (it didn't) "I'm lost!" (I wasn't)

She ended up being very nice and said "I thought it was a bunch of kids messing around" (nope, just lil ole me ) and pointed me in the right direction once again across the mesa towards her driveway.

I hit pavement for a couple blocks and then "discovered" the Honda Test Track.

Holy crap is that place HUGE! They spent some megabucks on that. It's also pretty secluded, easy to hide all the cool new stuff in there! Looking at the satellite photo, I think I need to get a tour of this place

I turned onto Munsen Road, which was heading in the general direction I wanted to go. My GPS kept telling me to make a U-turn but i stuck with it. It turned to dirt and then off to my left I spied a dry lake that went exactly the direction I wanted to go

Google earth says this is Koehn Lake. Just as I was about to head across the sagebrush a road appeared, and after I passed a small junkyard/shooting range I entered the dry lake.

It started off very rough and with deep washes everywhere. Some of them were ramped just right and you could just gas it an launch off of them. But some of them were 2' vertical cliffs. Going in wasn't so bad but coming up the other side was pretty hairy. It was hard to avoid all of the ruts

Eventually I hit the center of the lake and it got flat as a pancake. SO I let'er rip to see what the ole husky'd do.

I was surprised at my relatively low speed and then I realized I was only in 5th. I bumped it into sixth and it picked up a bit.

Now, I know that it's hard to spot things and you can get 'snow blind' in this type of environment, plus, I was solo in the middle of nowhere, so I really was trying to be extra alert and careful. I looked down for a split second to check the speedo (77 MPH, which is about 82 on the gps) and when I looked up
OH SHEEEEE IT!!! there was a wash right in front of me.

If I hadn't been clenched so tight already I'm sure I would have crapped my pants.

I cracked the throttle when I saw it, but then I decided "OK so this is how I'm gonna die, I might as well go out in a blaze of glory" and I goosed it. (and tightened every muscle in my body, very, very tightly!) I hit this wash at at least 70 MPH.

It sure didn't feel like I got the nose up enough at the time, but looking at the tracks; I think my front wheel musta cleared the top of the other side and the rear landed right on the base of it. The rear sucked up the impact and for some reason I still can't explain I didn't endo and face plant. As you can see I flew for a good 10-12' there.

Man, I love the Husky!

I got a bit lucky because where I hit was a little bit of a ramp. To either side the wall was absolutely vertical and taller than the front tire.

In this pick from Google Earth you can see the Honda Proving Grounds, the long straight as an arrow Munson rd, my path through the dry lake and where the lake dumped me off into a old farm.

The satellite pick is from 2005 but the farm is long gone. Nothin left but sagebrush and some broke down sprinklers. Oh, and a couple more thrashed meth lab type places

Once again I found myself fenced in, so I went once again off into the mesa along the fence. Eventually I found a spot where the sand had built up and there was only one little piece of barbed wire between me and freedom. Thinking about driving over the barbed wire I was really starting to freak out about having no way to fill the spare tube I brought. But, I was within walking distance of the 14 so I went for it.

After a little bit more slab I entered the Spangler hills OHV area. Nothin but wide open space.

The Trials was held near the Spangler Hills OHV / Teagle Wash staging area. The pictures of the trials speak for themselves… wow these guys (and gals) are good!

Even the kids were amazing!

Most of the 'pro' class were 17 year old kids. It became readily apparent why they were called 'pros'
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