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replacing with 'better bearings'' is NOT the answer/solution to this problem

Folks,,,if on certain hubs that have displayed the crunshy and failed bearing syndrom...and you have noticed that after following BMW's procedure for heating hub and chilling the bearing...that the bearing ONLY DROPS IN PART WAY....
and you then have to beat it tin the rest of the way....


Remember the definition of 'insanity': 'Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result....''

i predicted this a few weeks ago...

here's a testimonial from tmex's thread from a few days ago...
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Second set of bearing fail at 1380 miles

I replaced the stock bearings, which were bad, at 660 miles with SKF bearings. Now I took off the rear wheel to put on new tires at 1380 miles and now the SKF bearings are rough on both sides. Now what?
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i have offered to do a free analysis to anyone suffering these symptoms...i'm leaving for vermont this friday..will be back on the 31st...hope no one gets hurt in the meantime...

i still assert that the odds are the bearing bore is too small ie has too much crush on it,,,thus preloading the bearing and leading to premature failure..

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