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here's the ANSWERS to your bearings seizing/disintegratng

Originally Posted by woody's wheel works

ADV rider Al Van Dyke took me up on the offer to check out his rear wheel bearings on his 09 F800GS # ZU01273,,,he was on his way to baja,,,and just 'wanted to make sure',,,well,,,,

this morning was the first opportunity i had to get a hold of one of these wheels,,,we've had many in the shop but none for the bearing issue,,,

1,,,we removed rear wheel and found outer/disc bearing VERY notchy.and a bunch of the white grease spewed out of the seal on the outer/clip ring side.... the left/sprocket side bearing was notchy but not as bad as disc side..

2,,,we proceeded to remove the seal...

the circlip ,,,,

circlip removal,,,,

and disc bearing and spacer removal,,,,

what it looks like without the seal/bearing and retaining clip

the white lithium looking grease is to be found on all the newer twins and singles,,,it's for prelubing the seals,,,it does not emmanate from within the bearing,,,

kept all things in proper order,the disc side bearing had already experienced noticeable wear with light notchy irregularities,,also we popped the seal and found bearing fairly dry

3,,,i measured the inner spacer at 134.32mm ,,,

and the distance from bearing seat of disc side to sprocket bearing race at 133.69mm ie .63mm/.025'' clearance spacer was that much longer..eliminating too short spacer as culprit

4,,,removed spkt bearing...,the spkt bearing turned freely with no noticeable irregularities,,

5,,, telescopic inner gauges and micrometer...measurement of bearing od=47mm = +/-00mm

6,,,ID spkt bearing bore measured 46.97mm=.03mm/.00125'' crush

7,,ID disc side measured 46.94mm/.0025'' crush

8,,normal crush = .0005'' per inch of bore so 47mm is circa 2'' should have circa .025mm/.001'' crush

OOOOPS!!!! the pic below the ol man wrote down 46.44 INSTEAD OF 46.94mm for disc side ID and 46.47 INSTEAD OF bad...but hey i used the REAL numbers for doing the math edited 10/25/09 woody

9,,,measured the seal bore ID= 47.04mm/.002''..this accounts for the bearings ''dropping in '' to the edge of the retaining ring groove,,,,why they did that ,,,because normally the seal is configured for a 47mm bore or the same sizes as what would have been bored for the bearing,,,i noticed the seal did pop out easy. problem ??? i don't think so.

Rx went as follows..

10,,,carefully honed out spkt side to 46.98mm installed bearing ..VOILA NO TRACE of notchiness with the oem bearing

11,,,repeated process on disc side and sent Al to BMW motorcycle shop for recording complaint and getting his'' bearing warranty work'' done

12,,,Pics will follow..and Al said he'd post in tmex's original thread:

Net result...this customer can go to BAJA next week and NOT worry about the bearings frying again for quite some time...

FYI there is a reality called ''cause and effect'',,,swapping stuff without dealing with the cause equals more of the same as evidenced by fellow adv rider 'wscollay'

at your service,,,woody
now i can get my root canal done...

Thanks to RedHawks47 for finding a little mistake in my typing. The above should now be correct.
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