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Originally Posted by Serge A. Storms
So you dont think any metal shavings should come out of a freshly machined new engine what so ever? No company can machine parts that cleanly on a mass produced engine.

Followed their advice and the bike runs perfect, doesnt burn any oil either. you should have seen the mess that came out of my KLR after the first change, that bike ran great too.

To each his own, not looking to start a pissing match here. As I said in the last line of my post, dont know if its true or not. I do know this dealer treats me pretty good and I have no reason to doubt them.
Not what I am saying. I am interpreting what you are being told as your tech is stating he sees visible shavings, etc. To that, I say hogwash. That is what a filter is for.

Additionally, mass produced or one off, the incidence of "metal shavings" is, though not impossible, rare. And, by shavngs, I mean chunky stuff. The normal part of two pieces of metal (rings and cylinder walls, gear to gear, etc.) is fine particulate that the oil filter will pick up. Your filter will handle all of this just fine. And, that is why the first service is; 1) the most important, and 2) done at 600 miles.

I have professionally road raced motorcycles and rebuilt my share of motors along with having worked in the motorcycle industry so I do not feel I am just pulling this out of my arse.

As you stated, to each their own. I just sit by stupified at the logic certain people have (not directed to any one individual) that millions of dollars of engineering, R&D, and manufacturing is worth squat and, "You should change your oil every 1000 miles, blah, blah, blah." The marketing departments sold those individuals, IMO, a bag of goods. Like I said, get your oil sampled if you doubt the oil's ability to stand up to the manufacturer prescribed change intervals.
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