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Originally Posted by johngil
The 140/80-18 tires I have seen (908RR) seem HUGE. Yet they are only an inch taller than the 606 in 130/90-17 when comparing on the Dunlop website. Dunlop lists a 150/70-17 (607) as 25.25". The 130/90-17 (606) as 26.30" and the 140/80-18 (908) as 27.25".
I had a look as well. The stock BattleWings in 150/70-17 have an OD of 25.4" while the 908RR in 140/80-18 has an OD of 27.24" as you mentioned. Leaving a difference of 0.85" in axle height which shouldn't cause any clearance issues with swingarm and shouldn't affect geometry by much.

I'm finding lots of 130/90-17 (did you mean 18" for both?) and 140/80-17 tires available and some for a good price. I agree about recovering costs in a short while.
Yay! This is looking ever more likely!
Ride on.

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