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Day 2

DAY 2:

We start heading down the long and lonely highway through the plains of Texas towards Roswell, our destination for the day. I am thrilled at the effectiveness of my heater grips, this is the first time I really have gotten to use them. The miles come easy on the seat of the F800GS and I have time to enjoy the scenery. Both Byron and I have plans to get new rubber in Roswell before we hit dirt.

Here we stop for a minute to put on some warmer gear, most of western America is under a huge cold and low-pressure front bringing rain and snow prematurely.

I love being out there where no cell phone can reach you. Some of my friends think I am crazy to enjoy traveling solo for several days, weeks at a time with minimal human contact… I believe it is the perfect contrast to my hectic cube life back in DFW.

We get a pit stop, get some fuel, electrolytes, relieve some liquids, you know the usual.

Success!!! We are in Roswell at Champion Motorsports getting ready for the new tires we ordered to be shod. So far I have only had one model rear tire on my bike, the Metzler Karoo T, and I keep it that way. Great tire, awesome in the dirt and twisties but not really that great mileage. I experiment with a new front this time, the Metzler Karoo 2 instead of the Karoo T, result is positive and I enjoy the tire for the rest of the trip.

Champion Motorsports is a cool place, friendly people and nice environment. We spend a good couple hours there waiting for service and purchasing rain gear while watching the weather channel. I ride off happy with no problems until a few days later when I would strangle their service techs if I would be within reach, but that will come later…

Byron and I arrive at a local steak place to close the day. Honestly every time I am outside Texas for a steak I am disappointed lol, this place doesn’t change that. You get a good look at his rig, he was planning on riding his 990 but since that is in the shop he is on his 690 super enduro with an extra gas can so we get about the same range.

Byron isn’t feeling too good so while he crashes in the motel I walk to the bar. This crazy weather sure makes for awesome sunsets!

And I can’t resist a good Texas beer (Shiner) and some Red Label.

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