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Day 3

DAY 3 (woot dirt!):

So our plan was to start out at around 7am and get an early start on the day to attack out aggressive schedule. I get outside and start packing only to discover we are in the middle of a cloud! Oh well, I can’t go back to sleep when there is riding to be had!!!

We decide to wait out the fog but eventually say fuck it and start out for some gas and dirt! Here is another shot of Byron’s rig. Note the neck brace on the seat, this guy means business!

In this shot Byron questions a guy with a muddy 4x4 about trail conditions in the area. Unfortunately he is from out of state and is in the same situation as us. His news about the conditions in Utah confirm our fears… rain and snow! I am too busy filling my camelbak with fresh water, I am carrying 11.5 liters of water on myself and the bike at the moment. (Plus water purification tablets but supposedly they taste like shit).

The fog stays with us for quite a while, soaking us while we ride. I am wearing a good bit of layers to fight the cold. I don’t really mind being cold but I am seriously trying to avoid getting sick (especially since Byron does not feel good).

This is our first taste of dirt, my mouth is watering, heart racing, this is exactly what I have been dreaming of for the past year! The obligatory pictures are in order, I would never leave you guys behind.

The fog produces a spectacular effect as we ride. I feel as though I am living a dream…

How would you like to live out here in the desert? This house is not too far from town but definitely far enough to feel as though you are in the middle of nowhere.

If you guys didn’t notice, in the middle of the above picture are some wild turkeys.

Few words can describe the feeling…

We run into the first gate. Byron looks confused, he had called the local sheriff department to inquire about these roads and they assured him it is open. We take a few detours (awesome roads, sorry no pics) and even come on another dead end into another person’s yard.

This was very surreal… the old man on the porch eyes us and we stare longingly at the gate on the far side of the yard where the gps tells us the road must go. The road completely disappears beyond the gate and there is no use asking the old man to let us through. Some quick casual conversation and we turn around after he confirms there is no road past the gate.

Here is a picture of the first real gate, sorry no pics of the surreal old man and fading road.

Don’t forget the dirty GS! This is what you get for following someone through the fog on a dirt road lol.

day 3 to be continued…
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