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Day 3 continued...

DAY 3 Continued:

I have always wondered how they create these wonder roads… I think I found a part of the answer, this was not the last one I would see during the trip.

The road grew into a more primitive farm road, I am sure the farmer was the most frequent traveler among this route. Byron and I surmised he was probably on horseback watching us traverse his property since we had found his abode empty besides his army of dogs, puppies, horses, etc etc…

Windmill in the desert, and adventurous and fun dual track.

We crossed more gates than I can count during the trip. This one represents a typical gate and terrain.

It is a good thing they posted this warning… I was about to run around naked in the desert biting their cows!

Lets head to the mountains!!

Damn, we ran into another dead end. We have to route around it on pavement. There turned out to be many of these locked gates.

Dirty bike woot!

I was using the GiantLoop Great Basin bag along with the waterproof duffle from Wolfman. I had an ultralight stool from REI too which was nice when I needed it. This luggage hung together well and it when it really counter it felt like it wasn’t there and allowed me to move around enough to bounce over stuff.

More dirty bike!

We got back onto the highway and blazed towards one of our waypoints during the trip. In the distance you can see the White Sands of NM. Byron had attempted to obtain passage across the sands but the military base denied our route, and we passed by on the super slab.

Following a power-line road we came across an unexpected dead end in the middle of nowhere. Damnit, what is with people and locking their gates? Geez lol.

At least the weather was awesome and I felt great!

We started to blaze our own path in the desert where the GPS told us there were no roads. There were many paths and we met up with a couple desert junkies who had an ATV and a 4x4 truck. They began to show us the way out and we ran into my ultimate nemesis… deep sand!!!

I dropped it of course and the one guy who was hanging back with me found another route he though I could manage. Unfortunately his light ATV with huge tires could handle the deep sand better than I could with my 500 pound bike.

Hey this doesn’t count as a drop lol! It is just standing up by itself.

After digging out the rear tire a bit, Byron rode my bike out of the sand, I was exhausted and kept thinking of how I could have gotten out of that situation if I would have been solo (probably turned around earlier instead of going through all this sand).

To be continued…
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