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Pedro Norte Day 5: Saturday / Sunday
It's always a sad day, the last day of vacation. Work and family and responsibility start to rattle around in your brain, going from an occasional rain drop to a pitter patter to a full on rain storm by the time you get home. That kind of describes the ride out of the mountains.
Up at the usual after breakfast, after showers, after packing is done by most others, Tom prods me with some loud clanking to get me moving. Packed and ready in 20 minutes, bags in Wayland's truck, street gear on, clouds thick overhead. Said my goodbye to our ever resourceful hotel clerk, tipped 20 pesos under each pillow for the cleaning crew, gave the night manager a signed Houston Dynamo soccer ball, and went to find a group to ride back with.

The sky looked like rain so we all donned warm gear and rain proofing to some degree. Pink Lloyd had a shirt that made me laugh, having not shaved in almost a week

And some folks were having their bikes and boot polished up by the town handyman just prior to departure.

He didn't mind the camera and even posed with the ADV salute. Funny he had no idea what it meant.

A big group headed off to the PEMEX as Ed and I packed up, checked email, warmed the bikes. When we arrived at the PEMEX everyone was gone. And it was starting to rain. Down the canyon to Linares we had a nice, but chilly ride.

Headed into Linares the sky opened. We hid under a grocery store walkway for the worst of it and then suited up for the superslab back to Reynosa. We had a nice big lunch at a great restaurant on the square in China of super soft fajita meat. Saw no other bikes until we hit the border and regrouped. Did paperwork and crossed the border in about an hour, not bad.

From there it was straight to Motel 6, arriving just at sunset...good thing cause my headlight was still not functioning. The rest of the trip is the part we all hate. But driving up through Texas everything looked clean, maintained, proportional, well groomed, and downright, well, boring.
Next year for sure all my new friends. I can't imagine missing it. I'll have a couple of more friends in tow and a few more days cleared on the calendar to spread out the fun.

Again, thanks to all who helped, formally and informally, make this ride happen. Scott Friday, thanks for the wonderful website that lets us all connect. Richard, Milton, Bob and all the others who mapped trails and named names and waypointed trails to make us all secure in our ability to get home to Galeana each night. And thanks to everyone who trailered a friend, bought a beer, picked up after a crash, told a good story, or laughed a good laugh. See ya next year amigos.
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