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Day 4

Day 4:

The next day we wake up and it is really nice outside, we get gas in Hatch, NM where I hear some of the best chiles in the world come from… My dad keeps on talking about them so I took a few touristy pictures, no room to carry any home though.

Quite promptly on our route we encounter a dead end . This one had a few warning signs explaining dangerous activity or something going on. We saw a route around it and it was an easy decision to backtrack and try it.

Good thing we did, there was a small dusty tunnel under the interstate we could take. Fun to blast through!

We ended up at another locked gate that led into someone’s property. A little ways up the hill was another road… looks like this road hasn’t been traveled in ages but it is still on our maps and GPS. You can see the remnants of the road but the barb wire fence does not even have a gate.

Luckily there was one more option and it started off pretty rocky. Byron blazed ahead and I started behind him. I felt like I was stuck on the really rocky right side and was trying to fight my way to the left smooth side but I caught a big rock and went down. I had to unpack the bike to get it upright and rest a bit before I could go on.

Hey the path was really rocky and it is steeper than it looks (of course lol).

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