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Up top on the hill the road smoothed out a bit and it felt like we were on a huge plateau, we couldn’t see any of the highways or cities in the distance and it was an awesome view. This was one of my favorite trails… I began to get attached to one of the ruts (the right side at first) and felt like it was my friend. I would look at the left side rut and find reasons I was not in it such as “damn did you see that rock!” or “that sand was really deep there”.

I found my BMW hand guards worked equally against cactus as they do trees. I was very surprised the first time I hit a cactus at full speed those suckers are heavy!

Found numerous gates. This one could be rather bothersome if you don’t see it and try to blaze through.

More gates, after this gate (we went strait) we ran into a locked one and had to turn around. Byron was worried about having enough gas to get back to town, we had been on this road for quite a while. When we got back to this particular gate we followed the path you see on the left side of the photo along the fence. It was not on my GPS and I was worried because who knows where these fence roads go?

We dead-ended at a windmill with a water tank in the middle of nowhere. It was a short and fun road so in the end it was worth it. Oh yeah. We made it back to town on the same road OK too.

Gratuitous cactus shot!

While we are on the cactus trip, this was a tiny one but it looked like it would take no mercy on your tires!

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