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Day 4 continued...

When we got back into town we took a rest at the gas station. Byron was not feeling too good and we set out for some food in the city to the north.

After some rather mediocre pork ribs, we set out to the local clinic. Byron was going to get checked up and there was no way I was entering that infested place. I stayed outside to catch a quick rest with the bikes. Only after I loaded this picture did I notice the old guy walking out, lol. When Byron came out he reported he had the flu AND strep throat. Seems he doesn't know much about strep throat and how contagious it is but I tried to stay far away from him the rest of our time together.

The rest of the day was spent slabbing it to Silver City. There was an awesome mountain road we took rather slowly (and safely) after we saw two or three of every emergency vehicle up near the top and lots of guys staring over the edge. We didn’t stop to ask but we assumed some poor sap took the risky way down…
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