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Day 5

The next day started in Silver City, NM and we crossed the Continental Divide early. That is me under the sign, I’ve got the biggest grin under that helmet!

We started on some innocent looking dirt…

Canyon road with plenty of sand, I was getting used to the 2-3 inch deep stuff and the tire tracks were relatively strait so I was not thrown around too much.

Beautiful day! Could not ask for better weather!

This is where stuff started to get hairy. The road continues on the left but traffic seems to go to the right… Time to take off some warm layers too, getting warm!

This is the view to the right, unfortunately it dead ends into a locked gate about a 1000 feet from here…

On the left, the path less traveled, we quickly find ourselves in a very deep sandy riverbed.

Luckily someone had cut the fallen tree to allow our passage. This stuff was deep and I struggled to keep moving and not bury the rear tire on my heavy bike. Byron on the other hand seemed to enjoy the sand.

Well crap, not too far from the downed tree I get squirrelly and go down on my leg. My boot got caught under the bags and my body kept going. I am really glad I opted for soft luggage because I don’t know if I could ride out of here if I had aluminum panniers on…

The only thing hurting was my right hip and since I am short and it takes effort to throw my leg over the bike especially with luggage it hurt for the next few days. “Walk it off” of course is what most think including myself but I am an out of shape cube worker living his dream, things were not looking too great.

Ahead Byron found the canyon had collapsed on itself and he showed me a picture on his camera. He helped me pick up and turn my bike around and we headed back to the main road. He shot ahead and I caught up with him while he was talking to some ladies on horseback about the route (they were unsure about the road as they do not usually travel that far). I was having a lot of trouble with the sand and my leg. I said I would only hold him up or get hurt so we split up. After lunch he went back to the same road to try another route and I continued on my own. Luckily we were both self sufficient and never planned to share tools or assistance. The rest of the pictures are me solo.

I usually travel solo and it was strange traveling with someone I don’t really know but I learned a lot. Hopefully Byron will get on and share some of his pictures, I am sure he saw some cool stuff in AZ.
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