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My 05 GS recently quit without warning (luckily I was at home at the time). I checked the spark plugs, and they were fine. The bike then started a couple of times, so I left it alone. However, when I went to check it one last time before going to bed, it was back to failing. It will turn over and almost start, but no luck. Today, I thought I might have a bad tank of gas, so I removed the tank (JVB video very helpful), changed the air filter, emptied the tank, and replaced it with fresh gas, but still no luck. I was about to start a new thread asking for input when I saw this one. Is it possible that the fuel pump controller is my problem? I know that the o-ring around the controller on my bike is turquoise colored; does this mean the service has already been done on my bike ?(I'm the second owner, bought it last fall) Would a failed controller cause the situation I described?

UPDATE: I just disconnected the left side quick disconnect fuel line, then turned the ignition to ON. No fuel came out. Am I correct in thinking that a small amount of fuel should come out of the line when the ignition is switched on? If I am correct, does this provide any evidence that the fuel pump controller is toast? I apologize for my embarrassingly poor mechanical knowledge.
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