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I'll look for the link, but one of the bike electronics vendors sells a "proper" regulator, at least one that is more sophisticated than the stock Honda item. I have a voltmeter on my SL and with LED instrument lights and taillight it runs around 15 volts - I think the lack of demand confuses the stock regulator. Depending on battery condition I have had it vary between 8 and 15 volts (the light is really dim at 8, BTW ). Just something you might want to investigate...

I really like the idea - I have studied the megasquirt on a few occasions, eyeing the system for my Guzzi. The stock EFI doesn't have a feedback loop (just operates off RPM, throttle, manifold pressure, air and oil temp) and it seems a system with the O2 sensor feedback loop would improve milage and rideability - it can be finicky at times. But that project is down the list a ways...
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