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Poepol, Edited 10-21-09 Replaced "degrees" with correct mm.
The Rake is not adjustable.
Spare Parts Manual: Chassis Page 4
Owners Manual: Technical Data- Chassis Tightening Torques
No Special Tools

A. Not all 690s have adjustable Triple Clamps.
Does the top clamp have 22-24 and a part number 034.023
as the last six digits? If so proceed to B.
B. Remove front wheel, brake caliper and magnetic pick on left fork
leg. Remove front fender.
C. Look under lower Triple Clamp as in picture Three above. Is there
a 20mm bolt? If so, loosen. It is torqued to 60Nm and
Loctighted. If there is no bolt, you have a pressed on steering
stem. Stop, Do Not Pass Go. You don't have adjustable clamps.
D. Remove handlebar supports and hang with straps from above.
E. Remove headlight mask. Remove three 6 hex bolts
attaching the electrical hardware to top clamp.
F. At this point place a box or something soft under fork tubes
because you are about to drop them.
G. Loosen top and bottom 8mm triple clamp bolts securing left and
right fork tubes.
H. Loosen the 8mm collar screw, Remove the 20mm steering head
I. At this point the top triple clamp should lift up and off the bike.
J. The lower triple clamp should pull down and release from the
steering stem. See photo two. Note the two parallel sides to the
recess that capture the stem.
K. You now will find that the steering stem will rotate from the top.
L. With the marking Dot at the rear you are @ 24mm offset;
with it forward, you are @ 22mm offset.
M. Good Luck with the reassembly! Follow your Owner Manual
Torque values.
Notes; In the beginning, I was mistaken thinking the adjustment would change Rake Angel. Offset is the parallel distance forward of the steering stem. Unless I am mistaken, this increases or decreases Trail.

Have fun with the experiment. I won't know until this weekend what difference in feel will result. My bike was @ 24 mm as delivered. Now it is @ 22 mm.
Edit: I replaced "degrees" with the correct mm description. The Rake is not adjustable.

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