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Thanks for the comments. A lighter bike certainly would have helped me navigate the sand. I am looking to borrow some lighter bikes from friends to learn some technique. Trial by fire did not work lol.

Honestly I don’t mind riding alone, I have soloed most of my trips (car, SV650s, this BMW and most of my day trips). Luckily I am around many great people at work all day and have shared houses with friends for many years so I enjoy being alone for a while.

Meanwhile, the roads continued to amaze me near the Gila National Forrest. I stopped at this point because I had a serious case of déjà vu and swore I had been here before… kinda creepy lol.

Here is a road that was on Byron and my route from a couple days ago. We had turned around because the only gas station in town was closed and we did not think we had enough gas/daylight to make it through this road, instead taking slab to Silver City. It turned out to be really fun with a couple puddles.

At one point I got a view of the mine near Silver City. This is supposed to be on of the largest mines in the US/world and I don’t doubt it.

More on the road, this is Georgetown Road in NM. There are plenty of imbedded rocks and hills that make blazing down this road loads of fun.

After going through Gila National Forrest I continued west through the mountains. I was putting the outer knobbies to good use and the F800GS was handling the twisties perfectly. I really enjoy the upright dual sport style for carving these roads but I still haven’t forgotten how to ride my SV650S lol.

A view into the distance at the peak of the pass. I took a minute to soak it in knowing I would eventually return to my flatland home in Texas. People who live in mountainous should know how lucky they are.

A cool bridge on the way, one of my friends is into bridges so this one is for him!

After getting to the super slab I decided to race north about 80 miles to a town with a motel to try and sleep of my pulled hip muscle/tendon whatever. On the way a thunderstorm was looming over the road and I was trying to outrun it. It caught me for a few miles but I didn’t stop or get soaked.

I made it to my motel and crashed hard. That night I spend a couple hours on the computer in the lobby with all my maps folded out researching weather, twisties and dirt. Little did I know the next day would be the longest, most challenging, dangerous and exhilarating day of the whole trip…
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