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The next day started off innocent enough. This slab runs out towards the Lincoln National Forrest (my favorite NF so far). It is hard to describe how trippy it is to ride this laser strait road at 70mph for over 45 minutes with nothing around you. Mountains in the haze in the distance and a perfectly flat plain around you, I was amazed.

I tried a few riding shots, here is a movement + reflection shot.

After getting off the plain I came into an area with a name referencing burning plains, something? I forgot the name but the black rock was amazing, there was an entire valley of this stuff and I have no idea how it got this way. Looks kinda like a lava bed surfaced and hardened.

Finally I am in Lincoln National Forrest. It is not hard to find awesome roads here. Everything seems to be open, roads actually exist, people are friendly, good place to be.

I was riding along a twisty highway and all of a sudden I am off the GPS path and the road looks really new. I look down into the valley below and I see this road. Wow!! This used to be the path but the very recent highway has diverted away from it. I doubled back and found the entrance, luckily it is still open, this road may soon be forgotten because there is nothing along it and no reason to take it (except for us adventure peeps).

More of this amazing road and the colors along it.

After getting back on the highway I was inspired to look for roads that looped off. There are several and I will definitely be back to enjoy them! This road ended up being really awesome. It is amazing they exist because nothing is on them but I guess the forest service guys need to access parts of the grounds.

Continuing on that road I take a break in the shade. You could not ask for better weather, I took a layer off to keep from sweating.

Close to the peak the road fades out for a bit but I am able to find it again on the other side. A few times it branches off in relatively new looking paths but I keep following the GPS.

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