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Originally Posted by rtwdoug

its not in any of the pics that I can see, but yeah, there a poster a friend of mine gave me with adolf & it says 'when I come back, no more mr nice guy' its tacked to the wall, mostly covered by a stack of books.
Its been up there about 10 years & covered in dust & gas fumes. Im sorry I didnt take it down. I forgot it was even there. If you are that easily offended, then shut the door of your cubicle & dont open it again.
Im not a nazi, a skinhead, a satanist, a black panther, a southern baptist, a militant lesbian, or any other hate group.
I have some things that people may not like. I have some things that people may like. theres crap shoved in every corner. Im not gonna sanitize my garage on the offchance that someone may look at it with a microscope & find something they dont like.

Anyhow, its my garage, you arent required to come in.

now back to the bikes.......

Some people are a bit too "politically correct" My Grandfather was a WW1 Veteran and when he passed away I remember seeing an old German Navy WW1 "Battle Ensign Flag" among his war souveniers. I found a WW1 German Battle Ensign decal which I attached to my old BMW sidehack rig....I think it is a cool design. I was approached by some moron at a rally a few years ago and he asked me if anyone gives me shit about my "Nazi" flag. I informed him that this was a WW1 ensignia and the "Nazi" thing was one war later.....he looked at me like I was some sort of radical....what a fuckin idiot......

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