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Originally Posted by mortaygo
the main issue I had (now fixed) was finding the balance between soft enough in the front to not be harsh, with out plouging in the sand.... to hard in the sand, then it would push out in hard packed corners... get it set right for hard packed and it would tuck in sand... the balance was hard to get right, more so than any other bike I have owned...

Got it sorted now and it is ooooorrrsome. I would love those 300mm forks, but how do you raise the rear enough to get it even - with your 15mm loss of travel sliding the forks though, you still have to make up 10mm in the rear to get that even ride.. or your bike would be sitting up in the front a bit....

Oh yeh front sag I'm running a little extra sag on the front , but I'll be making a new linkage for the rear , the rear link age has 2.5-1 or 3-1 ratio (only a rough head calculation & measurement ) So the new link age will be adjustable 8-12 mm shorter , this will make the rear harder & harsher , that ok I'll swap out the rear sping for the softer one i have ( stock ).

I had the standard forks revalved witha good result , but the twinchamber jobies came up and i could not say No , best thing i have ever done , the TC forks are so sweet , they have been revalved & have SXS polished .48 springs & 10mm pre-load ,
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